Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something wicked this way comes “giggles” Goddess decided to let out her wild side and was feeling a bit mischievous… so she let herself go pulling back to her more! Err Dark Side and letting it flow free. As you can see sometimes even a Goddess has to let it go.. And put her hair down “chuckles” Now where o where did I put Alexis! I think she been naught! Stealing all of goddess cookies! I think she will have to be punished for this! “Giggles” what better form to punish a naughty gurl in then one so wickedly delightful! Until next time human’s be good and remember not to steal goddess cookies “winks” unless you want something wicked to come spank you!

What is the Goddess wearing and what’s delighted her in this photo!.

I start with the hair the amazing Truth hair you see on my head is TRUTH / Cheri.. It’s been updated with a style hud and new color textures! This hair is divine! There is no other word for it! Cheri was already a lovely style but then add to it the fact that it’s been updated. This hair is fitted perfectly and looks outstanding and is totally worth checking out “winks”

Another Item Goddess wishes to review is her choker! This choker was designed by Quirky for The Kawaii Project!. It is a gacha and the one you see Goddess wearing is the Rare Unicorn! This choker is really nice and is really cute! Offering a hud to change the metal and band textures.

Head: Catwa HEAD Lona v2.16

Hand: Maitreya Mesh Body – Bento Hands V4.1

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Prosthetic Hand: *katat0nik* (clown / Maitreya / LT) BENTO Prosthetic Hand

Arm Warmer: *katat0nik* (black /Prosthetic/ Maitereya L) BENTO Armwarmer

Eyes: The Sugar Garden Magic Eyes @ exclusive Cutie Loot May

Rings: (Yummy) Cat Claw Rings @ Bish Box

Ears: + Cotton Usagi Ears XS + {aii} The Ugly & Beautiful

Prop: -RC- Magic Fireball (no sound)

Horns: .ARISE. Skrim Horns / Version 2

Choker: .Quirky. – Unicorn Choker RARE @ Kawaii Project

Out Fit: Razor/// Emote Cat – Body Suit – MAITERYA @ Bish Box

Hair: TRUTH / Cheri *Updated* Truth

Boots: DHB Latex boot

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