Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Hello there Goddess is back once again in a picture perfect locations. I was so ready for spring to get here and drive off the cold weather. I can’t help but find myself once more back at the beach enjoying what the beach has to offer. This beach is a lovely little secluded place I happen to stumble across called Le Vie. It’s a extremely lovely little place that I would very very much suggest going and checking out!!!

As are most of Goddess pictures this image is raw and unedited. The image was taken inside of Firestorm Viewer Advanced Photography tools and lighting were used along with ultra settings. The image was taken in portrait and was not cropped or edited in anyway. I hope you enjoy!

As far as reviews go today I have a few times I would certainly like to review. I think to start us off I will review the cute and amazing swimsuit offered by Pretty Kitty Designs called Mari. This swimsuit is also part of the amazing grid wide Hunt for your Inner Slut Which can be found at the link provided. While this swimsuit looks spectacular there no to ways about that and is offered in many sizing options. It’s also ARTIC enabled which allows the flowers on the swimsuit to change colors. The fit on this item was superb on my Maitreya mesh body which is to be expected. Minor alpha cuts where needed in the belly area but that is nothing to worry about. Overall this is amazing release and perfect for the summer and is for sure worth checking out!

Another few items I wanted to mention are from the Powder Pack. The first item up is the Amara Beauty Justine skin. I gotta say I really really like this skin its well shaded it’s well done and includes omega body appliers. After checking out the creator’s store. I found the products to be reasonably price and will be returning to her for a few other items.

Another item worth mentioning is the eye lashes you see Goddess in! These eyelashes are really cute! And were created by Modish and they add a bit of color and sparkle to the overall look. I hadn’t had a chance to check out this creator’s store yet but they have caught my eye and I will at some point in the near future!.

The final item I wanted to mention was the eye makeup and lipstick you see Goddess wearing and its from Glam Affair I gotta admit I really like this makeup set a good deal. Its nice its not over the top! Ok the eye makeup is a bit over the top but it still looks really good! It’s not overly pronounced and wild but is still something unique. I like the way it really accents the eyes. The lipstick is just a nice classic shade that’s kinda powder pink that looks good and covers the lips nicely.

This is one of the biggest boons of buying a box! Is the fact you can get introduced to new creators that you might otherwise have never learned about! Which is really nice. Thought there can be hits and misses in every box so they are a bit of a gamble.

I hope you enjoyed our trip today to the beach and the reviews! Found the Perfect Picture in your Own Second Life… Kisses hugs and cookies! Until next time.

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CATWA TEETH Catya Fangs V4

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.0

Maitreya Mesh Body – Bento Hands V4.0

Aii Arctic Bento Neko Ears

Sweet Things  Fluffy Neko Tail

Little Fish 3Ball Body Piercing (Maitreya)

Little Fish Barbell Tongue Piercing

Little Fish Dimple Piercing

Little Fish Ezili Lip Ring Set

Little Fish Xue Septum

Pretty Kitty Designs :PKD: ARCTIC Mari Flowers – part of Hunt for your Inner Slut

eXxEsS : PALOMA Hair

Rêve Obscura Picture This BENTO Pose


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