Foot Prints in the Sands

Foot Prints in the Sands

Our Journey though life will take us to many places and we will meet many people. Goddess has learned thought some of those people will not be kind but others will be beyond special. That each encounter we leave a new foot print in the sands of time. The sands of ourselves and the sands of creation. That each meeting shapes not only ourselves but those around us! Those with us! Then there are those special footprints that we not only leave in the sand but we leave them with someone special. Someone we love and someone we care about. That special person that makes our lives unique and brighter! They make our lives special we journey with them creating new footprints in the sand. Ripples in time that will always be treasured and remembered regardless of what happens on the long journey ahead! That person that will always be there will always be a part of you! This picture is dedicated to my special someone you know who you are sweetie! you are my wifu you are my special kitten you are my world Thank you! Love for everything you do and continue to do! Might our journey be long with lots of foot prints lots of touched lives and even more adventure. I love you mine!

This picture was inspired and dedicated to my loving wifu! Tarra Densu! ❤

This image was completely untouched unedited raw taken directly from second life! The photo was snapped inside of Firestorm Viewer using portrait resolution and advanced windlight and photo tools!

Picture Location was taken @ Saint Pete City

Want to Know what Goddess Was wearing Hit meh up in world thought Message or Notecard for details!


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