Moonlight Sonata

Moonlight Sonata

Why hello there my lovelys! I am sure your wondering what the heck is going on! Why is Goddess dressed in such attire and carrying a huge scythe of all things! Goddess learned about this city that was in dire need of cleanup! Being the good goddess she is she decided she would step in and make things right! “She chuckled and grinned”. I must say some of the human’s goddess has meet are so! Corrupted and sinful! Don’t worry Goddess reforms them all! She promises!

I am sure one thing on your minds when you first see the outfit Goddess is wearing! Is omg Goddess where did you find that. What’s it called and where can I get it! These are all easy to answer questions. This outfit is made by the extremely talented designer at Dead Dollz for the event FaMeshed. The outfit is called Dead Dollz Le Smoking. It comes in assorted colors and the neck tie along with the lepale of the jacket and pockets offer a color change hud! Meaning you can mix and match how you look. As you can see in the picture Goddess decided to go with a more! Baby Pink or Pale Pink Rose color palate! Cause even though Goddess is a demon she does still prefer hugs and kindness! The outfit comes with everything you need The pants, tie, and top. The creator has several warnings listed around the outfit saying it’s not designed for larger boobs please try a demo. I didn’t demo it knowing I wanted this outfit! As you can see even with my very chesty figure! It fit like a glove and looks amazing. I am not sure exactly how large ((Mine are currently 85 with 80-100% cleavage)) the designer meant with her warning thought as far as the Maitreya body goes you can’t really get much larger. The rest of the outfit was the same fit and finish I come to expect out of Dead Dollz in other words it fit like a glove. There was no noticeable clipping issues or issues with it and the AO I prefer! This outfit also comes with auto hide alpha’s so there no need to guess where to cut and what to keep. Overall I was extremely pleased with this outfit and would recommend it to anyone looking for a more sophisticated sexy pant suit. The only thing I wish was there was a optional pinstripe version! That would have been amazing!

The next item up on the reviewing block is from a designer I never reviewed from before! That is Beusy this is a brand I am not familiar with! I really really liked the hair decided it was worth checking out! The hair is currently at the Versus Event. I will be upfront typically I am not a fan of this style hair! I find hair that is pulled back and without bangs to be extremely hard to wear! I use hairbases but that typically doesn’t solve the issue. In this case thought this hair was amazingly cute and wore perfectly. Another feature I really liked about this hair was a style hud! That is something I am personally seeing more and more and really like it! The styling huds give you the ability to change parts of the hair to make them uniquely you! I also found the hairs rigging to be spot on and not over the top for my Maitreya body! That’s a issue I sometimes run into with some creators. The rigging will be a bit on the extreme side. This hair is totally worth checking out special if you’re looking for a cute twin tails style that offers versatility!

Another item! I like to review is DirtyStories.. Dark Soul Eyepatch. This was a bit more challenging to find! I wanted a eye patch but was looking for more than your typical everyday pirate eyepatch fodder when a friend sent meh a link to this one on the marketplace. I love this eye patch it adds something to the look and the photos it’s a bit of whimsy but also a bit dark. It’s a nice mix of things! The fitting of the eye patch was super simple! It comes with a resizer script just click resize to your desired size delete the script. That’s all there was to it! Though the item is no mod so there is no manual tweaking this is not all bad! As I find adjusting things like a eyepatch can be exceptionally tricky to get the sizing and proportions just right! The cost was exceptionally reasonable for this eye patch also making it a great value that was offered in multiple colors via a hud! Deleting the resizer scripts will not delete the Hud color change.

The final Piece I wanted to talk about was the rings you see on Goddess lovely fingers! They are from the designer at RealEvil They where created for the current round of Chapter Four. One thing Goddess loves about these rings are options! There are a multitude of options! The rings come in fitted rigged Vista bento Mesh hand size that obviously is rigged to bento mesh!. They also come in several other sizes that are included in the package. Including Slink Casual and Maitreya hands. That means even if you don’t yet own vista hands you still can make use of the rings wearing one of the other two hands mentioned above! The other thing that adds a remarkable amount of customization is the fact that you can show or hide rings as you please though the included color change hud!. This gives you a fair number of options. As far as ring layouts go while minimizing attachment point use!. The color change hud does have one limitation! The options will color or change all equipped rings even if there hidden! Other than that thought! These rings are extremely nice and live up to there Luxy name. Another thing worth mentioning is there arc rating. Jewelry is one of the biggest offenders of arc rating. I have had some rings! That easily had arc of 60-70k. These rings come in at a scandalously low 8480 for the set! Being under 10k these rings are very lite on viewer impact! Also they have a delete script function just make sure you backed up your rings before removing the scripts!

Accessories and Jewelry

**RE** Kitty Watch RealEvil

**RE** Luxy Rings Chapter Four

~LF~ Ezili Lip Ring Set -Catya- Little Fish

~LF~ Dimple Piercing -Catya- Little Fish

~LF~ Xue Septum -Catya- Little Fish

~LF~ 3Ball Body Piercing (Maitreya) Little Fish

Astralia – Rock nails N21

+ Dark Harvesting Scythe + {egosumaii} The Ugly & Beautiful

.DirtyStories. Dark Soul Eyepatch DirtyStories.

Body Parts

+ Bento Devil Tail (long) + {aii} The Ugly & Beautiful

+ Devil Wings (back) + {egosumaii} The Ugly & Beautiful

.ARISE. Skrim Horns / Version 2 .ARISE.


CATWA TEETH Catya Fangs V4 Catwa

CATWA HEAD Catya v2.10 Catwa

CATWA RIGGED EYES Catya v1.00 Catwa

Maitreya Mesh Body – Feet V3.5 Maitreya

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 Maitreya


Beusy: Paprika Hair Versus Event


Le Smoking Blazer – White FaMeshed

Le Smoking BowTie FaMeshed

Le Smoking Pants – White FaMeshed


.tsg. Koko Applier for Catwa Catya *OMEGA* – C Tone The Sugar Garden

.tsg. C Tone The Sugar Garden


ISUKA TATTOO STUDIO Katja Tattoo Whore couture 7

{Shutter Flutter} Freya Collection {Shutter Flutter}

Saint Pete City


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