Plight of the CSR

Plight of the CSR

Hello Lovelies as you can see Goddess has been stalking her prey. This time in the form of CSR’s such delightful creatures so helpful so full of good knowledge and will! So Cuddly once you pounce! “Giggles delightfully and purrs” This picture is dedicated to all the lovely CSR’s I interact with daily you know who you are. I hope you know how much your services are appreciated without you all the world very well would fall apart! Hehe so without further ado!

As you can see the Goddess had a delightful time at this place you humans call the Arcade! Its this lovely little seaside dock with all these shiny machines that not only caught goddess attention but also lured her into spending those shiny things you humans seem to covet so much! I think there called lindens or maybe laurens! Goddess does not know she just knows the shiny machines where so much fun! There were so many of them. The arcade was packed to the brim with some of the finest creators that Goddess has seen under one roof. Though she ended up choosing only one to showcase this writing! Perhaps she will choose another before this arcade decides to leave. Like so many things in life it will be with us for only a flitting moment this month before closing its doors!.

The creator the goddess choose was Cureless! This is a creator Goddess is intimate with! She has used things from Cureless in the past most notably the eyes you have seen Goddess wearing the pale pink with no iris! Those are a Cureless and like all things Crueless the arcade goddess where of the exceptional quality one would expect from a top level designer at the arcade. The nice thing about Cureless Red Queen’s Real Set was the fact the pieces were mod. Giving the fit mesh intimates Goddess was wearing couldn’t be repositioned that is just the nature of such things! The other items Goddess did tweak for her picture including adding glow effects and tinting to parts. The items thought the Boa and the Mask where both unrigged and were extremely pleasant to work with. Though both where multiple pieces I still found stretching and fitting to be easy with my shape and size! They gave meh very little trouble. As I said since they are modify its very easy to add and adjust things to your liking. As I added a bit of glow to the boa and mask! Then added a bit of tint to the teeth to complete the look of a kitty stalking its prey! As far as the fitmesh intimates went they. They were nicely fitted there was a bit of a booty gap in the back with the thong but nothing major that would make meh feel the set wasn’t worth having or wearing!.

Overall I must say Cureless once more has knocked the items clean out of the park and the Goddess was and is exceptionally pleased. I hope you enjoyed this review! I hope to have more reviews and items coming shortly until next time be safe have fun and don’t forget to go check out the arcade!

Accessories and Jewelry

~LF~ 3Ball Body Piercing (Maitreya) Little Fish

l&e Boho rings Lassitude & Ennui

Astralia – Rock nails N21

Body Parts

Evermore. Animated Neko Ears BETA (Plain.2) Evermore

CATWA TEETH Catya Fangs V4 Catwa

CATWA HEAD Catya v2.10 Catwa

CATWA RIGGED EYES Catya v1.00 Catwa

Maitreya Mesh Body – Feet V3.5 Maitreya

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 Maitreya


+ Lamb. Easy Easy Lamb

AP: Claw Paw Legwarmers: Maitreya SaNaRae

Sweet Thing. Luci Tail Sweet Things


CURELESS [+] Red Queen’s Realm / Cheshire Smile The Arcade

CURELESS [+] Red Queen’s Realm / Cheshire’s Shawl The Arcade

CURELESS [+] Red Queen’s Realm / Queen’s Pasties The Arcade

CURELESS [+] Red Queen’s Realm / Queen’s Undies The Arcade


VCO ~ Sua Appliers . CATWA [BANTO] VCO

VCO Omega Applier Pale Tone VCO


{T’Ink} True Love {T’Ink}


WHOLE WHEAT Landscaping & Creation


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