The Discovery of the 34th rule of the internet!

The Discovery of the 34th rule of the internet!

Why hello there dears “she glanced up from the screen of her laptop as she smiled a wicked grin“ I have found something you humans call the 34th rule of the internet. Goddess must say she finds this rule to be positively entertaining. What inventive and creative things you humans simply are! Such a joy to find your err Art!. Yes Goddess will call it art perhaps a bit abstract but still art nonetheless “She chuckled and purred licking a paw and clicking thought a few more pages eyes going wide before she chuckled and looked back up”. Yes so creative so Goddess has brought you here today to show you some more things she has found some finds that will be tempting and tantalizing and no no naughty humans there not those kinda finds. These are sweet and innocent like Goddess “she giggled and purred” yes innocent like meh without further ado let meh tell you about what she has found!.

The first find Goddess wishes to talk about is this cute and very much adorable set of accessories from a project the humans call Kawaii Project “giggles” this project lives up to its name without even a moment’s hesitation. There are so many cute things to see and want! Goddess is wearing two of these things as we speak “giggles” you might have noticed goddess is sporting some unique headwear. These are from the wonderful creator quirky gotta admit they’re quirky and fun! And adorable and fuzzy! Goddess loves fuzzy cute things! This headband pom pom set also comes with a matching fuzzy pom collar that is equally cute and adorable. I gotta say it really just went with this photo goddess got of herself equal parts cute with equal parts innocent!

The next thing goddess wants to talk about is her cute adorable hair! This hair was created by the wonderful designer ploom I mean Doe. I remember her as ploom thought “grins” while I hadn’t been a super fan of all her newest releases! I find this one to be subpurb. I find it cute and adorable. It doesn’t offer to much volume in the bags or the cut! The pigtail offers ample volume without being to over the top. I find the style to be really cute special with the dual color tones. This hair is a gacha and being offered at Whimsical this month.

Few More Items I wanted to mention is the bed I was on for the picture. The bed includes the laptop you see Goddess posed with and was created by Stockholm&Lima this bed is simply wonderful and is highly recommended to anyone looking for a nice kinky bed! It comes with a lot of wonderfully done animations while its not the cheapest bed out there. It’s still ranks as one of the nicest Goddess has seen and it comes in pink! The wall art behind goddess in the picture where two of her favorite finds from rewind 90’s event. They where hand drawn says the creator! One was called Loli and the other Doe Foot. They were both amazingly done by Can’t Even! I love those pictures they make a wonderful edition to goddess bedroom.

I hope you enjoy these finds this post! I wish to have included more but that picture was just to cute to pass up until next time humans have fun and stay creative “giggles” don’t forget to obey your rules! Special the 34th rule of the internet!.

Accessories and Jewelry

Evermore. Baxter Glasses (Neutrals) Evermore

~LF~ Dimple Piercing -Catya- Little Fish

. .Quirky. – Pom Pom Headband[Currently Exlusive @ Kawaii Project] [.Quriky.]

. .Quirky. – Pom Pom Choker[Currently Exlusive @ Kawaii Project] [.Quriky.]

Body Parts

Doe: Arely (twotone) Currently exclusive @ Whimsical Doe

Evermore. Animated Neko Ears BETA (Plain.2) Evermore

CATWA TEETH Catya Fangs V4 Catwa

CATWA HEAD Catya v2.10 Catwa

CATWA RIGGED EYES Catya v1.00 Catwa

Maitreya Mesh Body – Feet V3.5 Maitreya

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 Maitreya



.tsg. Koko Applier for Catwa Catya *OMEGA* – C Tone The Sugar Garden

.tsg. C Tone  The Sugar Garden


.Inhale. Legacy -Creeper- .inhale.

Furniture and Props

Stockholm&Lima: Always [Neat] Bed (Adult) Stockholm&Lima

Can’t Even Assorted wall arts Exclusively found right now @ Retro Rewind 90’s Can’t Even


My Bedroom


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