90’s Rewind! like As If

90's Rewind! like As If

Hello my dear Goddess has returned from her short Vacation to the year’s you humans call the 1990’s. I found this fair called the 90’s rewind. I must say what a entertaining and interesting time to be had. Bright flashy colors neon galore and so much more. What a bright festive time for you all and for Goddess to share! Obviously Goddess does bring and baring photos of her recent trip! Along with look at some of the amazing fashions of the 90’s and decor. Without further ado let me introduce you to what the Goddess has found for you on this vacation.

The first thing Goddess would like to talk about is the decor which she brought back! As you can see she has found some very nostalgic items. The lava lamps produced by Little Llama. Where just far too cool to pass up and with their amazingly glittery contents and motions they are lovely addition to any 90’s decor are just something fun to stick around the house! They do give off light thought have no own off switch!.

The next item is my super squishy and amazingly cool blow up furniture! The chair and Table were created by a company called PILOT. I gotta say the chair was a bit on the pricey side but totally worth it. The quality is really high and the animations are amazing. They feel extremely nice and smooth. I only needed minor adjustments to make myself fit the chair like a glove. I must say I was extremely impressed so much so. That the pose in the picture is built into the chair! The table is really cute also and lends a nice vibe to the decor! The chair comes in multiple colors and a fatpack! The table also comes in multiple colors.I did not notice if it comes in a fatpack thought I would assume it would are is included in the fat pack for the chair.

Then there is the diskite table I have off to my side.They were created by Little Llama once again. What can I say this is a must have for anyone that is tech savvy from the 90’s. The colors are fun the table is nicely cool and even has a retro vibe! Ugh Goddess feels old she remembers the 90’s and thinks of them as retro “flails”. The table is really amazing. The textures are nicely done. The mesh is superbly crafted. The theme is amazing idea also! They were also super cheap making them a home run in Goddess eyes.

Then the rest of the decor was various pieces I managed to pick up while at Retro. I will start us off with the Midnight Society sign a must have for anyone from the 90’s this sign is a hearkened throw back to tails to spook, scare, to run chills down your spine. This was created by Floorplan. There is also the smiley face pillow! What 90’s room is not complete without the smiley pillow! This one was created by Ariskea as part of the [As if ] collection. I must say this pillow be equally at home in a chair on a bed are anywhere really you could dream up!. The final piece of decor in the picture is the cassette tape. Anyone from the 90’s will remember cassettes and most likely them breaking and messing up! This wall art pays homage to that. It was created by Sway’s and is called the [Cassette Tape] Wall Art. This item is a gacha and comes in several forms the one displayed is heart. I gotta say this was a really cool way to display those broken tapes!

Now that goddess has spoken about the decor now on to what she wearing and the like. The makeup’s the goddess picked out were all from the 90’s rewind also. They included the lush lovely perky lipstick from #adored called maj lips – cosmic pack. This lipstick pack was fun and cute! Also a bit wild. I am assuming it pays homage to the UFO alien craze of the 90’s. The eye shadow was softer tones by Veechi called frosted tones. They really complimented the dress and just gave the overall look a nice pastel color that kinda reminded me of the hit movie clueless from the 1990’s. The nail polish was a fun and funky design from .: ZcZ :. Called 90’s Nail Art. These are some funky fun designs that really mesh nicely with a 90’s look but could easily be used to with any colorful bright style you might want to go with. Then there is the bengals on goddess wrist. Who doesn’t remember the brightly colored bracelets of the 90’s normally cheap made of plastic you just where not cool if you were not sporting a set. These were created by Kibitz and where masterfully done. I must say I was really impressed with the quality and detail that went into them. They are for sure a nice accessory for your 90’s look. Are perhaps to just brighten up a wardrobe.

The hair Goddess is wearing is also a 90’s rewind event find! As most the finds in this post are! I gotta admit I am typically not a huge fan of this style of hair in SL. I find it to be very off putting. The hair being pulled back and up almost never looks good to meh. This Wasabi Pills Sheryl Mesh Hair really really knocks it straight out of the park. I mean it really looks amazing. The quality of textures and mesh work are beyond top notch. There was none of that annoying off look when using a hairbase that I seem to have happen. I gotta say was very pleased. The hud included is also nice. I know Wasabi Pills in the past didn’t always include huds. Overall this is one of those hairstyles that if you’re looking for something unique and updo! It’s totally worth checking out!.

The next piece I like to talk about is the dress. This dress was created by ALTAIR* and is called the spice dress. It’s like totally cute and stuff “giggles” but yea this dress once again makes me think of just fun times in the 90’s it a cute retro feel that for some reason makes me think of save by the bell! Though I can’t think of why I don’t remember a dress like this in that show. It feels really good. The fit is superb you really can’t go wrong with it. The neon pink really lends itself nicely into the 90’s theme. I also managed to fit mesh panties under it for a bit of modesty as there were no built in panties. I know some people like to wear panties under their dresses and skirts in SL and that’s been a pet peeve of mine in the past. Having to wear either a yucky applier based set or having just a crotch cover attached because of the design of the item. Its also important to note that this dress comes in one size only Maitreya overall I would for sure totally check this dress out thought!

The next item up for review was the tights I used in the image. There is not a terrible lot to say about them. They are called glitter tights and where made by Izzie. These are applier based but don’t let that turn you off. There extremely well done the textures. There offered in several applier formats and will. The picture really doesn’t do them justice! They go really well with the dress but could easily be paired with other outfits!

The last item up for review and this is a item from Collab 88’s last round. These are shoes created by reign! There a set of sneakers and I gotta say! I love these things. They are worn and used more by Goddess then most likely any other shoe. They were fatpack only and came in a number of styles for a number of bodies!. They included a high foot which is pictured. They also included a flat foot version. They included prints and solid tones and plenty of customization. They also fit like a glove and have the outstanding quality you come to expect from Reign.

This completes our vacation on the 90’s rewind event I hope you enjoyed and found some interesting finds to tempt your taste buds. Until next time “hugs”

Accessories and Jewelry

Evermore. Baxter Glasses Evermore

~LF~ Barbell -Catya- Little Fish

~LF~ Ezili Lip Ring Set -Catya- Little Fish

~LF~ Nose Ring (ball) -Catya- Little Fish

Kibitz – Jelly bangles Rewind 90’s

EarthStones Sentiments Necklace – Loved Earthstones

Body Parts

CATWA TEETH Catya Fangs V1 Catwa

CATWA HEAD Catya v2.10 Catwa

CATWA RIGGED EYES Catya v1.00 Catwa

Maitreya Mesh Body – Feet V3.5 Maitreya

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 Maitreya


[MANDALA] Steking ears season 5 [MANDALA]

/Wasabi Pills/ Sheryl Mesh Hair – A Rewind 90’s


ALTAIR* spice dress .pink. maitreya Rewind 90’s

REIGN.- Arianna Sneakers (Maitreya-High) Tippies Reign

.miss chelsea. Gena Panties Maitreya Red (Not shown in picture reference) FaMESHed

Izzie’s – Glitter Tights Izzie’s

Makeup and Nail Polishes

Polish: .: ZcZ :. 90’s Nail Art Rewind 90’s

Eye Shadow: Veechi – Frosted Glitter Shadow [Catwa] Rewind 90’s

Lipstick #adored – maj lips – cosmic edition {catwa} Rewind 90’s

Props and Furniture

floorplan. the midnight society neon Rewind 90’s

PILOT – Inflatable Chair [Pink] Rewind 90’s

PILOT – Inflatable Table/Ottoman [White] Rewind 90’s

Ariskea [As if ] 90s Smiley Pillow Rewind 90’s

Little Llama – DiskStak Table Rewind 90’s

Little Llama – Glitter Lamp Rewind 90’s

Sway’s [Cassette Tape] Wall Art . heart Gacha Rewind 90’s

Skin Appliers

Pink Fuel Doll v2 Crystal Pink Fuel


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