The Lost Magics

The Lost Magics

The Lost Magics Rekindled

Hello Scrumptious Mortals The Goddess here playing Demon’s advocate! With her Newest review! This tasty tid bit of leather and lace. Has been on my reviewing table for some time. I been putting it off because I felt I couldn’t do it justices until now. I finally had a stroke of inspiration and will here we are.

This outfit is a gacha of all things! I am not sure what event it was from sadly!! I ended up stumbling across it at the creators sim while looking for fantasy items! I gotta say this creator will blow you away. The quality of there products are just stunning. The level of detail is amazing and the intricacy of what they create. Then there is the sex appeal of it all. At this point your most likely asking what creator is it don’t leave us wondering any longer tell us Goddess will you!. Being the demonic tease I am. I guess I have strung you along long enough and will just cough up the goods. The creator in question is [LAB737] and the outfit is none other then Scythia.

Scythia consist of a few different pieces all fitted almost perfectly to the Lara body!! The pieces include
a strap top that covers the breast A harness to go around the breast and crotch. A set of arm warmers for will keeping your arms warm one would guess! And finally a set of boots! The nice thing about this set is how versatile it is! The set looks good with or with out the panties and top. The boots are also totally optional as are the arm warmers. The harness is two pieces and each piece can be worn independent of the other. The combination are almost limitless and go from sexy to down right naughty in there interpretations.

The only noteworthy issue I wish to report has to do with vista bento hands there is a bit of clipping! Where the arm warmers would lace thought the fingers! This is to be expected as they are Vista Bento hands and not Maitreya rigged or fitted hands! As the outfit is Maitreya rigged.

Another item I wanted to tell you about before I fly off into the night to find some poor mortal to drain of essences! “chuckles”

The wings I am using are bento wings and produced by the lovely creator Aii of The Ugly & Beautiful. The wings are really nicely rigged and the animations are also nice! One point I like to note thought!! the wings do not come with a AO hud the animations seem to be built into the wings them selfs. This could be a pro to some and a con to others and something I wanted to point out. The wings offer a hud for coloring 1 of 3 different sections and 2 wing options Tattered and normal. The wings are Modify so you can customize them as you see fit. Though as fitted bento mesh they can not be moved. There are white options in the hud that could be used as bases for tinting. Inside the package its self your given a few options and a few little addons these include wings for your back wings for your hips in case you want your wings to ride a bit lower!.. and wings for your head that are not animated but a cute prop item non the less that is not rigged.

I hope you mortals have enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Until goddess sees you all again

Accessories and Jewelry

Evermore. Baxter Glasses Evermore

~LF~ Barbell (long stick) -Catya- Little Fish

~LF~ Chain Me! -Catya- Little Fish

~LF~ Nose Ring (ball) -Catya-Little Fish

Body Parts

{aii} Bento Devil Tail (default for big booties) + Aii

{egosumaii} Tattered Devil Wings (back) + + Aii

.ARISE. Skrim Horns .ARISE


CATWA TEETH Catya Fangs V3 Catwa

CATWA HEAD Catya v2.10 Catwa

eXxEsS : MARGARITA B (Breeze+Materials) eXxEsS

CATWA RIGGED EYES Catya v1.00 Catwa

Maitreya Mesh Body – Feet V3.5 Maitreya

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 Maitreya



[LAB737] Scythia Bottom (noir&rust) [LAB737]

[LAB737] Scythia Harness (rust) RARE[LAB737]

[LAB737] Scythia Harness Crotch (rust)[LAB737]

[LAB737] Scythia Arm (noir&rust)[LAB737]

[LAB737] Scythia Boot (rust) RARE[LAB737]

[LAB737] Scythia Top (noir&rust)[LAB737]


Pink Fuel Pink Fuel


{aii} + Mancer’s Mark Tattoo + Aii

{NANTRA} Charmed, I’m Sure {NANTRA}


Whole Wheat


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