The Power Game

The Power Game

The Power Game Continued

Why hello there Lovely’s once more Goddess has returned . This time I bring you this business savvy smart two piece suit to tantalize and tempt! This was something I had stashed away in a folder named blackfriday finds. I would assume it was something from around November. This classy looking attire was made by Valentina E. A creator I am not super familiar with yet. I am very pleased with the fit and finish of this suit. I must admit its top notch and top quality. The top fits perfectly with no clipping to be found. The pants also fit nice and snug around Goddess ample hips. Then there is the cut in the front. The front cut is both daring and sexy while still leading to a elegant business look. Depending on how you roll going with no bra could lead to a ultra sexy look. Are a more modest bra leading to a sexy look. Are being conservative and using a applier based blouse. The options are limitless on how one could work this outfit into there rp and just every day looks. I really like the overall power feel of this out fit it feels both aggressive and sensual it really is just amazing outfit and one I am extremely happy with.

As far as the other items Goddess is wearing and using! I must give a small shout out to Vista on there hands. The gloves are built into the hands and look simple amazing! I was kinda stunned at how well they fit with the over all theme and look I was going for giving goddess a classy upscale feel. Then there are the N-core heels you see on Goddess lovely foot paws! I must say they are simply amazing. The picture sadly does not do them justice properly. The detail on them requires zooming in deeply to appreciate. The fit is superb. And the attention to detail is really off the charts. With the heels body being a almost intricate lace pattern The leather look textures looking stunning also. They really do look amazing!. These where also a November black friday find!


**RE** Kitty Watch Real Evil

**RE** Simone Heart Collar Real Evil

Absolut Vendetta- Hydra Rings Absolut

Glasses: Evermore. Baxter Glasses (Neutrals) Evermore

Tongue Piercing: ~LF~ Barbell -Catya- Little Fish

Lip Piercing: ~LF~ Ezili Lip Ring Set -Catya- Little Fish

Septum Piercing: ~LF~ Xue Septum -Catya- Little Fish

~LF~ 3Ball Body Piercing (Maitreya) Little Fish

Body Parts

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 Maitreya


Head: CATWA HEAD Catya v2.10 CATWA

Teeth: CATWA TEETH Catya Fangs V2 CATWA

Tail: Sweet Thing. Neko Tail (Bento) Sweet Thing

Ears: Evermore. Animated Neko Ears BETA (Plain.2) link Evermore


Hair: TRUTH HAIR Fenella Truth


:V.e. Mademoiselle Tux Jacket Noir Valentina E.

:V.e. Mademoiselle Tux Trousers Noir MAITREYA Valentina E.

Skin and Tattoo Appliers


Tattoo. Identity. Body Shop – [Soft Love] .Idenity. Body Shop


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