The Forbidden Noms

The Forbidden Noms

The Forbidden Noms Continued

Hello my Loves Goddess is back once more and with wicked treats to tempt and tantlize your taste buds and fashion since! Goddess has been busy Uber this update. Spending time searching and seaking out the best of the best. That Uber had to offer!. I must say I am excited to relate what I found. Before I began thought. I wanted to give a special little thank you to Foxes support. I had a bit of a issue with delivery of my item! I ended up contacting them for a redeliver! I must say the service was top notch. I had the item delivered easily with in 12hr’s of my note card. I appreciate that top marks on customer service.

What I am wearing is a outfit created by Foxes for Uber and I gotta say this outfit is both sexy and adorable!. I wouldn’t call it a work out outfit thought it could be. I wouldn’t call it a lounging outfit either thought it could be equally at home as cute lounge wear. This outfit is also sexy enough to go into the bedroom if you so choose!! for a bit of something different instead of your standard fair. This outfit is exclusively designed for the Maitreya body.

It has a low cut top called Chloe that includes a set of panties which are equally adorable and fit snugly on my Maitreya body. Needless to say the fit was really nice for both parts and I was very happy. There was some minor clipping thought during certain movements of my AO. That is to be expected with the shape I use being so extreme on the sliders. The top for the most part covers the breast but leave ample bit of under boob giving it a very sexy look! That feel equally at home on a jog or in the bedroom. The top has a wonderfully done ombre color scheme. That is a white into pink I was really excited to have such a color scheme done as wearing solid colors can be a bit boring.. patterns are not to everyone’s taste. The ombre color scheme is a nice compromise.

The other part of the set I am wearing is the Foxes Chloe leggings! They also are simply adorable!! I love the cut and the waist band. I love the phrases on the waist band there cute adorable and break up a otherwise droll area. The leggings like the top fit almost perfect thought there is a bit of clipping in bottom. Which once more is to be expected as I do have a extremely shapely bottom. My hips are set extremely wide and my bottom is ample! “purrs” That being said the fit is amazing and is the type of quality you expect from Foxes! I would rate it up there easily with Blueberry and Addam’s who set the bar for fitmesh items. The legging’s obviously match the color sceme of the top being a fun ombre pink and white that is fun and have kinda light airy feel to it. The last part of the leggings I like to mention is that they do require the use of Maitreya feet. Sadly the legging’s have a foot portion that is cute but does not allow the use of slink feet. I personally use Slink Deluxe feet typically because of the claw nail’s addon and was unable to!.

Then the last part of my trip to Uber was my hair! I gotta admit up front I am a huge fan of Dela’s. I find she offers some unique and fun styles and her textures are really well done! She also offers a wide assortment of options inside the package. Chances are there is a size and style that will fit you! They also offer Materials and non materials versions inside the pack. The color huds she offers are simply amazing! There are always a outstanding amount of choices for you to choose from in every pack. The hair called Tabitha is really cute having about a mid length that comes down the front with out covering to much of your assets! While also flowing nicely down the back. Giving the feel of a really lush gorgous hair while framing your face cutely. Overall I really liked this style special for what I call a medium length hair! That is not super short not super long. Fits nicely with out covering to much of your front. Cause whats the point of shopping for a hot new top if your just going to cover it behind some massive amount of hair.


**RE** Kitty Watch Real Evil

**RE** Simone Heart Collar Real Evil

Absolut Vendetta- Hydra Rings

Glasses: Evermore. Baxter Glasses (Neutrals) Evermore

Tongue Piercing: ~LF~ Barbell -Catya- Little Fish

Lip Piercing: ~LF~ Ezili Lip Ring Set -Catya- Little Fish

Septum Piercing: ~LF~ Xue Septum -Catya- Little Fish

~LF~ 3Ball Body Piercing (Maitreya) Little Fish

Body Parts

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 Maitreya


Head: CATWA HEAD Catya [Without Teeth] v1.08 CATWA

Teeth: CATWA TEETH Catya Fangs V2 CATWA

Tail: Sweet Thing. Neko Tail (Bento) Sweet Thing

Ears: Evermore. Animated Neko Ears BETA (Plain.2) link Evermore


Hair: =DeLa*= Fitted Mesh Hair “Tabitha” Uber


Foxes – Chloe crop top – Maitreya Lara – Ombre Pink Uber

Foxes – Chloe Leggings – Maitreya Lara – Love – Ombre Pink Uber

Skin and Tattoo Appliers


Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop – [Soft Love] .Idenity. Body Shop


{NANTRA} Charmed, I’m Sure Nantra


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