Working out Till the break of Dawn

Working out Till the break of Dawn

Woot Hi ya Loves Goddess has returned from the very chic collabor88… and did I work up a sweat. There are so many amazing things to see and find. I am going to tell you about some of my favorites today! Addams is representing them self’s nicely at collabor88 offering up the wonderfully amazing gym pants! I am sporting. I gotta say these things not only look cute.. but my butt has never looked so amazing! “rubs her chin and purrs!” I am thinking Blues got some serious competition for the finest butt in SL!. As you can see I am sporting these lovely hiphuggers in a pink chic camouflage pattern. I found the styles being offered by Addams to be light and airy and plentiful. There was nothing drab about them.

To help compliment these lovely work out pants! She offers up matching footwear! I gotta say this was something else I just adore. This footwear really is unique and not something I seen else where!! It offers a very open feel… that to me screams working out or professional athlete while also being very fashionable and offering a wide array of color options!. I can tell these are going to come in handy not only at the gym but also when Goddess decides to go cruise the beaches. Like all the items I have ever worn from Addams the fit was superb and top notch. I honestly expect nothing less from such a top designer thought!.

The next part of my outfit I wanted to talk about was the hair! This hair is just to cute its like a throw back to the 80’s. The pony tail and colors are just adorable and the fit was outstanding with my Catwa Mesh head. One thing I like about this style is the fact the pony tail is further back giving Goddess ears ample room!! This is good for not only my neko friends out there but anyone that likes to add accessories to there hair! Sometimes pony tails can be really hit and miss with how the hair is done causing ears and accessories to clip. Another nice thing about this hair is! In the current color sceme it has a very low complexity impact rating in at only 1689. Hair is one of those items that it can really run up your complexity rating quickly!

I hope everyone enjoyed my little trip to collabor88 and found something useful and helpful! Check out the what I am wearing section for some new hopefully helpful information I am going to start to try and include!.

This photo is completely raw and unedited taken in Second life using Firestorm Viewer Releasex64 advanced photo tools where used along with tweaked windlight settings.


I want to try something new and this is something I personally been curious about in the past!! That is complexity ratings for a given item. With the introduction of Jelly Dolls into Secondlife! Complexity has become more important. These are estimates for the given items that I will include. The item is a set are has additional parts I will add them together to get there total rating that should least give you a basic idea of what there complexity rating is!”


Glasses: EarthStones Eyeglasses – The Countess – Complexity Rating 2472 EarthStones

Septum Ring: (Yummy) Luxury Septum’s – Orchid Septum – Complexity Rating 1356 Yummy

Tongue Piercing Bento: ~LF~ Barbell -Catya- – Complexity Rating 1694

Lip Ring Bento: ~LF~ Ezili Lip Ring Set -Catya- – Complexity Rating 1498 LittleFish

Noise Ring Bento: ~LF~ Nose Ring (ball) -Catya- – Complexity Rating 1228 LittleFish

Rings: Absolut Vendetta- Hydra Ring (L index) – Complexity Rating 1198 Vista

Absolut Vendetta- Hydra Ring (L middle 2) – Complexity Rating 584

Absolut Vendetta- Hydra Ring (L middle) – Complexity Rating 1784

Absolut Vendetta- Hydra Ring (L pinky) – Complexity Rating 1892

Absolut Vendetta- Hydra Ring (R middle) 6132

Absolut Vendetta- Hydra Ring (R ring) 1028

Watch: **Real Evil** Kitty Watch – Complexity Rating 11251 Real Evil

Nails and Pawpads: Slink Avatar Enhancement (female) Claw Nails v1.0 (All feet) – Complexity Rating 2316 Slink

Body Parts

Ears: (\_CF_/) Valentina Ears v2 [Deformed] – Complexity Rating 20836 Cherry Fluffle

Bento Head: CATWA HEAD Catya [Without Teeth] v1.06 – Complexity Rating 4702 Catwa

Bento Teeth: CATWA TEETH Catya Fangs V2 – – Complexity Rating 1030

Bento Eyes: CATWA RIGGED EYES Catya v1.00 – Complexity Rating 1072 Catwa

Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body Original V3.02 – Complexity Rating 5764 Slink

Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe V1.2.5 – Complexity Rating 4288 Slink

Tail Bento: Sweet Thing. Neko Tail (Bento) – Complexity Rating 2100 Sweet Things

Hands Bento: VISTA PROHAND V.2beta – Complexity Rating 9490 Vista

Hair: Exile:: Rush – Complexity Rating 1689 Collabor88


Top: Addams Pro Top Gym – Complexity Rating 3216 Addams

Leggings:Addams – Tamara Gym Leggings – Complexity Rating 16648 Collabor88

Shoes:Addams – Gloria Yoga Shoes – Complexity Rating 4686 Collabor88


Full Body Tattoo: [White~Widow] Midnight in Paris – Black White~Widow


Body: Pink Fuel Sabine in Brulee Pink Fuel

Hands: Pink Fuel Sabine in Brulee Pink Fuel

Head: Pink Fuel Sabine in Brulee Pink Fuel

Eye Appliers: Dulce Secrets Angelic Volume 1. Designer Showcase


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